Respect to oneself over job

How will you feel when you’re given a break after your failure? I was happy, and feeling fulfilled “this is it”! I was hired then by a Chinese businessman. On the phone talking to him he sounds nice, promising and I thought he needed me urgently; ” listen, listen, don’t waste time. So I processed my Chinese tourist visa, booked the ticket and went there. He was still in New York when I arrived I was fetched by his driver at the Gongbei Port (Macau and Guangzhou border). My job literally involves cleaning, ironing, washing and as an office staff… But didn’t aware that he was also going to use me for sexual purpose.

After 10 days he arrived to the apartment with another filipina girl. I don’t know what his business with the boss but I served her. She sleeps in the other room. He asked us to prepare so we can go for a lunch, we went for a 15 minutes drive to “cafe coral restaurant” we had lunch and went back to the apartment. He asked me to put some beddings on the other bed inside his room then the other Filipino went inside sat on his bed with her apple lappie, damn I was so happy for that she went there once finished my thing there I hurriedly went out.

That night I was reading and there was a commotion outside didn’t bothered to check what happened, then in 30 mins she knocked on my room and I let her in. She told me that the boss went with another only his shirt on no shorts with his dick exposed, he asked her to suck his dick. She refused, they fought and made him to leave her room. We had a chitchat up to 3am and we made a deal. I asked her to tell him that I have a condition, “vaginal lock”. She told him when she was brought to the hotel, until she left back to Beijing .

He was kinda pest after he was informed that. So every night he goes to Gouzhen where the hotel is, there’s a lot of hired sales rep who works for him. And there’s a girl named Jessica she’s a Chinese and I think she’s being used. Until my 1 month is almost over and he decided to no longer work for him and asked me to go back to my country.

I know why I failed there, cause I didn’t let him use me. But that’s fine I kept my self respect intact.