No Excuses, No Reasons, And No Limits

I was inside the bookstore when I first read the phrase “no excuses, no reasons and no limits”. It catches my attention straight away, I suddenly recorded it to my phone so I will not forget that phrase. I then recognized the need to remember that phrase because that is what I am lacking. I want to do more, with no excuses, no reason and no limits. But to understand this phrase further let’s sight this from one word to another. First for the no excuses let’s get the meaning of the word excuse here to make allowances for; judge leniently. Why it is being excuse? why we need to excuse ourselves from anything that we do? why do we need to put some excuses to the capacities, human hindrances and human limitations? I am feeling guilty already, why? because every time I fail when I am frequently yes failing with the things that I do, I put excuses to validate my failure when it shouldn’t be. Would it be right to figure out why I failed? to identify the failure and disregard the excuses? I must sight a failure that I am guilty of giving excuses. This was a very simple task, my aunt was asking me to check where is the drop box for the raffle draw here in ABS CBN, and prompted on saying yes right away and said that I will get the right information when I get back. But then what I did was forget about it and just give excuses like “auntie was not able to go there because the guard told me to go in front” when the truth was well I didn’t even gave the effort on asking the guard, yes I am a total liar. Then let’s go to the no reason, well I am so wait… how can I say this one here… I am so so guilty of! How can I expound that? well let me try looking for a proper word for this one here, oh! first degree guilty? okay fine I deserved that of course. A first degree “reason over failures” giving reasons for every failures I have. If you are going to check excuses and reasons are related to each other somehow not with the spelling that is. Okay so I first what to give the meaning of the word “reason” so the basis or motive for an action, decision, or conviction. So every failure I have before was given a reason, not accepting the adequacy of my actions, for not giving my all strength, my heart on it, and for just being the mediocre that I am really is (acceptance of the mediocrity is a reason by itself) Oh come on!! yes, it is a reason. And for the finale? No limits, here is the meaning “Informal One that approaches or exceeds certain limits, as of credibility, forbearance, or acceptability: He is the limit of irresponsibility”, yes truth. I am really giving myself a limitation if I can still go further, giving myself a bound to every movement that I do, for keeping myself in a certain boundary when nobody has the power to do it, so it is ME who imprisoned myself to the capacity, to the talent that I have and to the limitless opportunity that I can get for being free from the limits of my mind. Why I am like this? going back to what I have written it is really against me. I am excusing myself for giving excuses, then I am also giving reasons to every failure that I have, when it is also against me, and the limitations that I set to myself when it is really I who is guilty for giving myself a limitation to everything that I do. Why this is against me? why this is being unproductive? and why this is considered an enemy to personal development? Because we are hindering myself to reach my full potential, because possibilities isn’t realized because of these bad habit that is encoded for so long! Why it is just now that I have realized this, and come to recognized this disease and get cured (hopefully). I must do something to eliminate this nemesis, eliminate and exchange positive traits. Practice can be hard but it is going to be easy as long as persistence is really present. Not on an auto pilot and recognize it when it is on action and try to correct it. I am positive that it’s not yet late to change, it’s not yet late to make a correction and get some good vibes on the right things in life. And lets wait for the result al right?