The Pet Chicken In The City

All of us have treasures might it be our money, things that we have, toys for the kids, flowers for the enthusiasts, and lost of the things that we consider essential and meaningful for us.

It was really funny when I

saw the chicken with the vendor along the road, the chicken was tied up, she is white color from the looks of it the chicken is female. I observed one time when the husband scouring plastics from the garbage to sell the chicken is looking down at them like it is observing. I like the scenery, they considered their chicken is their pet like a dog, or a cat perhaps. While walking away from them to take my journey home from work I chuckled thinking “oh oh , wait until you grow up cause were going
to eat you” hehehe … mean mean me. But that’s how chicken supposed to be, or since they are living at that condition you will think a nice hot “tinola ” is very sumptuous I missed it myself them most delicious “tinola ” are native chickens, hehehe . But even if the couple will decide to consume him for a tinola or maybe adobo still she was loved, still she gave me a smile on my face by just being a pet that is very unusual to see around here in the metro. The very chicken that I will not forget the smile that cause to me for as long I as live.