Finally, I’m a Yahoo Contributor! now what?!

There are many things in this world that we can write, it has 4 elements life water, air, earth, and fire. We just need to look around and be inspired to what you have observed. But what if you are worried about the things that you need to create a visualization of what you have observed, the knack of writing, and the bleeding nose? These can be all regarded as excuses of not able to write, the cowardliness, and simply the laziness. I was checking the dashboard, the profile and editing them. Waiting for the decision to push me to write and what to write.

Writing is the expression from the soul. It is the spirit that will lingers even we have gone, it will leave as your footprint and a mark to this earth. You will be remembered with your works and artistry… We have been the witness of the past artist, writers, poets, composers, inventors, discoverers and painters. They have become the inspirations of present day aspires that hoping we can be like them or exceeds their works and contributions to our human mastery.

Writing comes with a vibrant imagination, without it we cannot create thoughts or form words from our mind. How could I let myself missed the English subject lessons?! And now I am struggling with composing the right grammar. Most of what I have learned somehow a product from personal study, exposure to the communication job and reading. What pushed me is my passion to the topics that I want to share, the rant’s that I want to be heard and the thoughts that is hidden inside my expression of love, hate and life.

Now that I am finally a Yahoo Contributor, it is not only for the financial gain but the passion of writing, so let’s enjoy, let our imagination run, let words be our colors, lets paint the world with it and dance with the tune of human celebrations, events, places and happenings!