Riding the leaf of life

I am thinking and I really want to express this: There are times when you are going to miss the previous routines that you are used doing. When you can still jog, talk and walk with a friend, hang around and sit during the sunset on the beach with your friends and your family? I miss those times when you laughed around with your mom, sister and kids? Those were the times and I’ll treasure it very much.
But aside from the past, I also imagine life ahead wondering what will it be? I stopped and just learned how to let go and let life show the way. Dream can be a very good cliché’s, one step at a time. No matter how hard it is as long as you are motivated and remember why you even took the first step then you are in the right track. No matter the results remember that you tried.
Life at times often sucks. But depends on how you carry the weight, depends on how you have taken it lightly and never mind about it. The problem with me is that I am too serious, I don’t even know if is right or wrong. There are instances that it can be right and there are times it is not even applicable. Now I must learn how to relax… I must enjoy life, give everything but never expect.
Life indeed is short to be taken seriously… we must enjoy it every drop of its tick, every passing sun and every blow of its wind. We must learn how to grasp every blow and every passing waves then learn how to ride with it like riding a leaf floating up to the sky! We must know how to imagine, exploit every talent, invent and manifest opportunities that life can give.
It is better now because I am free… And everything will follow.