The sexual life

     How frequent our body gives signal like ” Hey man, get laid and stop being a loser!” With mine it’s more frequent than usual. Body is giving me a hint like its oozing with hotness even if you are not sick. There’s this instance when I went to the clinic claiming I’m sick… but hello! the nurse told me I’m not! what a disappointment?! The last time I’ve felt this was when I had found out that I have finally a gray hair, but surprisingly its not on my head but on my pussy! whathef#%&k?! why there?! It was a big joke with my relatives when I told them about it. Another sadly I have a vaginismus for further info please check the link regarding this condition:

     I call it hit and run in my own terms these days, if I get one then lucky. Let’s say scared of being trap again with the relationship that is hellish perhaps I am already traumatized by it. If sex without feeling is indeed much better than having a relationship or getting inlove or involved then maybe I’ll try hitching and counting men by my fingers down to my toes. In some point I love understimating men, I considered them my enemy, but I need them hahaha! how ironic! But come to think of it, they might not consider me at a first glance… hey I’m not considered pretty… well lets stop it… let’s go to the next paragraph!

     Before I will start talking about the fansadox let me educate you with the comics that I found out to be a bible for those who loves bdsm. Ahhhh, I am not that fun (lying) please girls and boy check that site out and lets move on! I’ve got tons of those! thanks to those who have shared it to my favourite site. Sex must be done by both, if he pushes the girl must push back… don’t let the push be not reciprocated, it must be dual force to produce some intensity… Love it when i am thinking about it….OMG

     It is really hard to find a man that has a true talent, they are saying that those who are straight dork and geniuses are mostly horny because they can be creative on everything especially when it comes to sex… so I never considered looks as my basis… oops…

     The way to ass… that is the most exciting in all of the sexual acts… pain and satisfaction combined!