Dreaming of harvesting and with my friends that I never recognized

There is a house its overlooking the a plantation. I woke up from the sleep (inside the dream with the other girls and they hurriedly went outside to pick the fruits, they are happy doing it with all those smile and singing. I saw the fruits, its glistening, or shall we say sparkling green with reddish glow. I don’t know what happened next for a have awakened… END OF DREAM


3 thoughts on “Dreaming of harvesting and with my friends that I never recognized

  1. This dream has such joy and life within it. This dream seems to focus on your passionate feelings stirring inside you. Yet it seems that you have the feeling of new beginnings in this dream as well. Harmony and friendship with the other girls is another theme. Yet what seems to stand out, is that you are experiencing something that stirs passion in you. And perhaps, desire? A fascinating dream.

    • Thank you for that wonderful shared comments and meaning of my dream… wow, your not only my critic/fan you are also my dream adviser hahaha… Yes, I always have passion inside me that needs a constant release. hehehe a verv very fascinating dream indeed.

      • You are welcome. I find dreams to be fascinating…and I am particularly interested in yours. You must express your passions, I think its a beautiful thing. And you must release it constantly, yes.

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