Dreaming end of the world

I have forgotten what year was when I have this particular dream but never forgotten. Dreaming is like entering into a different world where we are not familiar. I have a book to guide me the meanings but still we cannot comprehend the entire meaning and why we are dreaming about it. We want answers but it cannot be found, as I have understood with the readings I’ve made it is when our subconscious way of communicating with us… because we are dual our brain itself is bi’s or double… conscious and the subconscious. Anyways, too much for that… this particular dream here I am a little girl wearing a sleeveless dress and with a long hair… in reality when I was young it never happened that I have a long hair, I am thin as well. I am with another girl it might be my younger sister but didn’t recognize her as she is. We are running away from the water that we was trying to reach us I saw a roof a door it is circular and it’s like we are pulled up to safety as we are on the other side, the place very vigrant the sun it’s shining so bright the light is blinding… and the surroundings is gold in color, everything that you see from leaves, there is a squash shaped fruit and color gold as well the sand or the earth is gold and even its so bright its not hot… I am looking up because of marvel the other girl is starting to wonder the place and she’s like playing already but I looking up in the sky… THE DREAM ENDED


3 thoughts on “Dreaming end of the world

    • It was I guess, but after I dreamed them Ill seek for the meaning. What is it for me, how is it reflects to my concsious life for if its how our sub communicates with us i must then learn how to comprehend its meaning.

      • Dreams of water are a powerful thing. It often relates to your emotions inside you. If the water is like and ocean and its scary, often you may feel that life is too big to control, and often scary. Yet, I think its a combination at times too. Water can mean fear, but it can also mean passion…as it has life giving properties. Also, your dream you and your sister went to safety in a very fertile, golden landscape with life growing everywhere. Often times when you dream of fruits it symbolizes the beginning of things, it can also represent love and desire….but it is widely considered life giving and passionate. A beautiful dream you had.

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