Dreaming of horses

Dreaming of horses

I’ve often said there’s nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse.
Ronald Reagan

Another dream that is very memorable for me is dreaming of horses lots and lots of them! running like they’re chased. I wasn’t scared when I saw them but wondered what and they are so many of them. It happened inside the building old, ancient, with molds all around… there is a big gap at the end of that place and the horses are jumping to the other side some didn’t made it when they are started to fall I became worried and look around when I saw a big horse, it is huge like a dinosaur he looks like an ancient horse that lives during the cenozoic era when all the mammals are thriving. He chased all the horses and at the edge of that abyss he ate some of the small horses, with my horror because realiazing that horse don’t eat meat they are herbivore! I ran away fast… and I saw a stallion and jump to ride it and when we are finally out of that ancient building I saw a beautiful fountain and we drank from it together with the horse…. END OF DREAM


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  1. Your dream sounds so exciting and scary, an adventure! It sounds like the the dream is almost telling you how wild, beautiful and frightening life can sometimes be. I have had wild exciting dreams in the past. One dream that stays with me, I dreamed I was running away from a violent crowd of people with sticks, chains and weapons. So many of them! And I looked behind me and this young man who was running away from them too, fell down. And the crowd was running closer to him. I was about to keep running, but I ran back to him even though I knew they would get us. And I put out my hand and lifted him up, And the dangerous crowd struck me in the head with a bat. I woke up. I hope I’m the kind of man, that I was in my dream. I feel that I would give my life to save another. The dream left me frightened, but I felt good, like I did something kind even if it was my last moment.

    • I never had a dream like that, dying? maybe because I am obsessed with it. I even envy those die. Weird ha? lol what we experience when we chooses what will be actions next is already called a lucid dreaming.

      • Yes, it was very interesting. I think it was my dreams way of telling me who I was, in a way…Reminds me of a character in a certain story. They used to fight evil, and in the last part of the story, they knew they were fighting a stronger power. The main character said, “This is not fighting the good fight. We will not walk away from this one. This is about fighting, even when you know you’re going to lose.”

        I new I would die, if I ran back to save that man. But my soul and my conscience would be clean. My dream seemed like a moral test. It scared me, but I felt good. As we all die, we must let the fates take us, not our own hands. Lets live. I would love to explore lucid dreaming.

      • Nicely done… I would like to hear of your comments… I have to write the other one because I’ve got a lot of dreams that are vivid and different I’ll still need to remember the other one which relates to a magic lamp, and the other was even talking to a god hahaha! You can post your dreams too. I love to dream hopefully regarding zombies hahaha! I hope can sit all day round to write… but it is indeed fun… but there must be a balance to everything. To gain one we must sacriifice another. A reflection of what we are is most likely we can see on our dreams… I have 2 dreams with another man which is unusual, the other was a a ship captain but its not a ship hahaha, it was likened to a raft and we live together near a beach with lots of kids running around. The other one is a man holding a camera in an open field of grass his lying looking at me his a caucasian.

  2. I will happily comment on your page, you are very insightful, and you have an incredible imagination. I would love to hear the dream about the magic lamp…and talking to a god, amazing! I have many dreams I remember. Some frighten me a little, and some are like either old fairytales or just weird silly moments I’m confused by. I dreampt a strange beast was chasing me down an alley. I also had a dream that I saw the entire galaxy that our world is in, as if I rose up and could see everything…..You should write down all your dreams, including the one about the man….and the one with the god. It sounds pretty wild.

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